Bus ticket: Hanoi, Sapa, Laos, Kunming

Bus Hanoi - Sapa - Hanoi: From 16 $US/ticket

Bus to Sapa For who want to travel by route instead of train, you can choose the bus. Nowaday, the route from Hanoi to Sapa has been upgraded to give the very good infrastructure for going to the mountainous areas.

Buses start from Hanoi at around 7:00 P.M or 8:00 P.M and take 11 hours to get to Sapa. On the way back, they start at 6:00 P.M and arrive to Hanoi at 5:00A.M. The bus terminals are at My Dinh Station or on the street nearby the train station and the Old Quater.

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Inside Hung Thanh Bus

Inside Hai Van Bus

Bus Sapa - Dien Bien Phu - Laos: From 14 + 11 $US/ticket

Bus to Dien BienSince more than one year, Pinocchio Hotel has well organised the bus tickets for going to Dien Bien Phu and then Laos for lot of travelers. We are working with at least 3 bus providers for this trip. Moreover, our manager, Mr. Huy, has lot of experience for this trip because he did take part in a FAM trip to this region and he can furnish you enough information for going from Sapa untill Luang Prabang. We have also the information for VISA to Lao.

Depart time at Sapa: 07:30 AM or 18:00 PM at Cat Cat Hotel;

Arrival time to Dien Bien Phu: 5:30 P.M or 5:00 AM;

or at 9:00 A.M about 3kms from Pinocchio Hotel; Arrival time to Dien Phu at 7:00 P.M

Departure time at Dien Bien Phu: 05:30 AM at Dien Bien Bus Station;

Arrival time to Muong Khoa (Laos) at 3:30 P.M; to Unamxay at 5:30 P.M

SAPA - DIEN BIEN PHU: 14 $US/ticket; (overnight in Dien Bien Phu - Hotel sugesstion: May Hong, Binh Long, Hai Yen... nearby Bus Station);

DIEN BIEN PHU - MUONG KHUA (Laos): 11 $US/ticket

DIEN BIEN PHU - UNAMXAY (Laos): 16 $US/ticket

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Bus to Dien Bien Phu Boat Trip Muong Khoa to Luang Prabang

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